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2017 Mens Scratch League

(Contact details appear at the bottom of the page)


First Tee-Off 12.40

PKCGU would like to acknowledge the ongoing support from Gleneagles Golf for this generous support to the County Golf scene.

N.B. The Junior Scratch League final will be played the same day, following on from The Gents. All finalists and  team captains are invited to a post match meal in the Dormy House after the game

Semi Finals

Play August 11th and August 25th

Blairgowrie v Kinross

Craigie Hill v Crieff  (1st leg Crieff 2 v Craigie Hill 3)

Scratch League 2017 sections

Draw / Fixtures &, Results in section games

19/05/2017     19/05/2017  
  Strathmore 3 V 2 Murrayshall     King James
  Muckhart 2.5 v 2.5 Crieff     Craigie Hill 3.5 v 1.5 Dunkeld
  Auchterarder 4 v 1 Blairgowrie     Kinross 4 V 1 Pitlochry
02/06/2017     02/06/2017  
  Murrayshall 2 V 3 Blairgowrie     Pitlochry
  Crieff 3 v 2 Auchterarder     Dunkeld 2 v 3 Kinross
  Strathmore 4.5  v 0.5 Muckhart     King James 2 v 3 Craigie Hill
16/06/2017     16/06/2017  
  Muckhart 5 v 0  Murrayshall     Craigie Hill
  Auchterarder 4.5 v 0.5 Strathmore     Kinross  4 v 1 KingJames
  Blairgowrie 4 v 1 Crieff     Pitlochry 2.5 v 2.5 Dunkeld
30/06/2017     30/06/2017  
  Murrayshall 2 v 3 Crieff     Dunkeld
  Strathmore 0 v 5 Blairgowrie     King James 3 v 2 Pitlochry
  Muckhart 3.5 v 1.5 Auchterarder     Craigie Hill 3.5 v 1.5 Kinross
14/07/2017     14/07/2017  
  Auchterarder 5 v 0 Murrayshall     Kinross
  Blairgowrie 5 v 0 Muckhart w/o     Pitlochry 2 v 3 Craigie Hill
  Crieff 3 v 2 Strathmore     Dunkeld  0 v 5 King James w/o


Scratch League Contacts 2017

Club Name Phone Number email
Auchterarder Golf Club Scott Haxton 07840341297
Blairgowrie Golf Club Craig Hay 0
Craigie Hill Golf Club alan urquhart 07814376505
Crieff Golf Club Gordon McCartney 07532212321
Dunkeld & Birnam Golf Club Mark Williamson 07761 908656
King James VI Golf Club Fraser Craig 07905 455728
Kinross Golf Club Andy Jackson 07988639400
Muckhart Golf Club Neil Hill 07951 181034
Murrayshall Golf Club David Watson 07860 413344
Pitlochry Golf Club Grant Stewart 07496226331
Strathmore Golf Centre Chris Flannigan 07496804762

Rules for Scratch league 2017

Scratch League  
1. Clubs entered should be drawn in  leagues.
2. League matches should be played on home and away basis as per fixture card.
3..  After these matches are played, semi-finals may be determined as per table.
4.  On completion of semi-finals the final can take place at Gleneagles or whatever venue has been planned by PKCGU for that season
5.  A team shall consist of FIVE PLAYING MEMBERS from the club. (not necessarily from the players home club.)  No limit to size of pool. Every effort should be made to field five players at every match. Failure to field a full side will result in the opposition being given the point for the scratched match.
6.   A player may only play for one club in a season.
7.   All matches will be played over 18 holes of match-play. Five singles games. NOTE: In the event of a team not having 5 players the team will still go out in handicap order with match 5 forfeited if only 4 players, matches 4 and 5 if only 3 players etc.
8.   Team captains must play their team in handicap order and must produce a written team sheet before the match begins and swap team sheets with opposition captain.
9.   All matches should be played at 6.00pm on the Friday evening as scheduled. In the event of it not being possible to play a match on the scheduled date, it must be played on a date agreed between the two team captains, prior to the date of the next scheduled match. Any rearrangement of a match date must be notified to the Scratch League Convenor.
10.   In the event that a match is not rearranged under Rule 10, the executive reserve the right to impose a result and the match will be considered to have been played.

11.  Scoring System:   2 points  for  match won in league matches.
                                        1 point for a match drawn in league matches.
                                        Leagues may be decided on matches won and lost if a tie exists.
                                        If still tied, the result between the two tied teams should define
                                        league winner. If still tied a play off on neutral course will need to
                                        be arranged.

        In semi-finals, match difference will determine winners.
        In the event of ties, captains must nominate a player to play in sudden death  play-offs on the course of the evening starting at the first hole and playing each hole in order until a resolution is achieved.

12.    Match results should be returned to the Scratch League Convenor as soon after each fixture as possible.  This can be done by e-mail, text or surface mail.  Details of matches should be thorough.                                                                                  

13.    In the event of any dispute, the decision of the County Executive will be final.


Scratch league Convenor Scotty Brough



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