Scottish Golf National Conference

Scott Michie and I were at the National Conference yesterday along with Moira Begbie and Jillian Milne from the County Ladies - as well as a host of other P&K Club representatives.  It was really pleasing to see so many of our clubs being represented and shows just how much passion and commitment there is within P&K for the future of Scottish Golf.

The organisers did a tremendous job pulling together such an event at short notice and they have committed to sending out "delegate packs" to all those attending on the day.  However, they will also make all of the materials available via their website and send out via Areas & Counties so that everyone has access to all of the issues, presentations and topics discussed on the day.  I will circulate and share all of this in the usual way rather than attempt to summarise the key points from the day.

The highlight for me was the presentation given by Stewart Darling - he did not pull any punches with his analysis of the issues and problems faced by "golf" in all its forms and I would urge you all to have a look at this section once the materials are made available.

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