P&KCGU - Scottish Golf Strategy Proposal

All - Please pass on to all Captains, Committee Members, Secretaries and engage with your club members with this information.

Scottish Golf Limited is proposing a new 4 year Strategy aimed at rejuvenating the game between 2018 and 2022. This proposed Strategy will be voted on at a Special General Meeting on Saturday the 2nd of December 2017.

P&K have attended every one of the meetings, roadshows and events that all clubs, areas & counties were invited to over the last 9 months and will continue to do so now that the strategy documents and the proposed affiliation fee increase has been published. 

P&KCGU believe that it is essential that every club member within the county is engaged with this process and ask that all Club Administrations share the key documents with their memberships (see below).

We would also urge each club to conduct a vote/poll process (in line with their individual constitutions/rules etc) to establish if they will support the Scottish Golf proposal or not. 

We would recommend that this process is conducted before the P&KCGU AGM on 12th November and certainly before the Scottish Golf Special General Meeting on 2nd December if any club requires P&KCGU to act as their “proxy” vote at this meeting (as per 25.2 of our constitution).

P&KCGU are attending a follow up meeting on 15th October which will be attended by the majority of Areas & Counties – with a view to “gauging the mood & feeling” from across the whole country about this proposal and we will share all relevant information as this may help or assist clubs in reaching their decision.

P&KCGU will endeavour to answer all individual queries relating to this important matter – but we may have to communicate “en masse” via email or, updates on our Web Site so that we cover issues that may impact on all of us where required.  We will also minimise the use of Social Media for this matter and “signpost” to our website for consistency.

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